Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Additional Covers For Vintage Classics

For owners of classic cars, there is good news in the form of additional covers granted by insurance companies. In fact, classic car insurance Canada offers so many additional covers that you can virtually personalize your insurance policy in respect of classic or vintage cars. The following are some of the additional covers that you can include in your policy:

Spare Parts – Classic car insurance Canada allows you to include spare parts as part of your cover on payment of some low additional premium. This way you can get a cover for not only your vehicle but also the spare parts, which are so essential when you talk of classic, old and vintage vehicles.


Automotive Tools – The additional cover in respect of automotive tools is very affordable and easy. It can be included with your existing policy as well. With this cover, you can protect all the tools that you require in order to maintain your classic car. That too at a great price and knowledgeable specialists who guide you professionally whenever there is a claim.


Automobila – You can protect your collectibles now, within the same policy as you have for your classic or vintage car with the classic car insurance Canada.


Business Use – If your vintage car is being used for some photo shoots or commercials or displayed at weddings, you will be granted protection for such business use as well.


Vehicle Under Construction – The under construction cover gives your automobile an increase in the value and access to towing services in case you need to move them to the workshop.


Collectors On The Move – This additional cover provides protection to those vehicles, which are frequently plying on the roads.


Surety Bonds are also provided by various insurance companies for different situations.

The insurance companies, which provide covers for classic cars or vintage cars, ensure that they also include all the above clauses as part of additional covers to these special vehicles. It is true that for both the owners of these vehicles and the people in general, these vintage cars are special. The insurance companies understand this sentiment and provide covers accordingly. Classic car insurance Canada not only provides you the benefit of insuring with these additional covers but also gives you expert advice in respect of your vintage or classic cars, should you require it.  In return for this benefit, you have to pay an extra premium. However, this extra premium is not over charged to the insurer. The insurance companies usually provide easy and reasonably priced insurance policies to vintage car owners.

The Insurance Cover Includes-

Any kind of collectible or historic item concerned with a motor vehicle which includes:
  • Any petroliana
  • Model cars as well as other toys
  • License plates belonging to old cars
  • Sign boards or posters
  • Prints and paintings
  • Ornaments decorating the hood
  • Any literature related to old automobiles

Any other personal things that may include
  • Military items not including guns
  • Implements or farm equipments
  • Any display items like shop signs, diner memorabilia
  • Any memorabilia relating to a barber shop like signs or poles

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